Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Sounds...

It's almost Spring; the birdies are remembering their voices and back home in New Mexico, little green tongues are rising from the black soil. I'm back teaching in San Francisco, Queen City of the Pacific. The first weeks were balmy, then foggy and now the weather will try to make up its mind. It's great fun doing the occasional radio show on KALW or KPFA--or any other Bay Area station that could use a veteran folkie D.J.

Classes in Radio/Documentary Studies at San Francisco State are filled with wonderful, seeking folks. It makes me proud. One asked for a sticky, dripping sound. Omitting the obvious (and unprofessional), I suggested honey, heated in a microwave and dropped on a metal sheet from 2 feet above. As it cools, it drips.

Back at you soon.

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