Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bay To Breakers

(photo by Brant Ward / The Chronicle)
Today I ran Bay To Breakers, where you cross the entire city of San Francisco, and its hills, in one wild, costumed, race. I ran past people wearing butterfly wings (her companion was carrying a net, but I noticed that she eluded him); Green bras, pink bras, no bras; a flying pig (“flying pig beats swine flu”); people dressed as cars; six women wearing silver and red wigs of an identical size and height, so that they looked like clones; people dressed as salmon spawning on the street; people dressed as cars bumping into one another.

And of course there was politics. Women protesting the invasion of wineries in rural Northern California who called themselves “Grapes of Wrath,” who dressed exclusively in balloons. Gorilla in a hot pink suit, or rather a person in a hot pink gorilla suit. Even Betty Boop, in lingerie. All in all, a strenuous route, and on a hot day, but an awful lot of fun.

Finished in 1 hour, 40 minutes.

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